Mala is a string of beads used in meditation practice.
It's a tool to help you count spells, and it can also act as a tactile guide when you're sitting quietly. The common Mala are some Mala necklaces or Mala bracelets. Some of the Mala are necklaces or bracelets made of 108 beads, 27 or 54 beads, while others are just about 20-60 beads. The common sizes of Mala beads are 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm.

Many people also call Mala beads Yoga beads because yoga enthusiasts often use them in meditation.
In the process, by repeating the mantra repeatedly, Mala can help them concentrate, improve their concentration, and help them pray.

Besides, people, believe that every special Mala bead has its own incantation and they represent different meanings.
Wearing a certain material Mala makes people want to believe that the meaning of Mala can bring them good luck, happiness, strength, love and being loved, etc.

When people pray for something or a certain life, maybe they would like to use it as a Mala of their own.
And when people want to give a message or blessing to friends, family, or colleagues, Mala is also very suitable as a small but meaningful gift to those you care and love, especially during festivals.

In fact, Mala can be made of many materials.
They have rich and colorful colors, appearance, and patterns. Because each stone is unique, each Mala bead is unique, too. Therefore, it is also popular with a large number of jewelry lovers and fashion lovers. When you wear beautiful Mala, it means that you may receive a lot of praise from friends.

What's more, our folk craftsmen, including many OasyMala full-time mothers, tie knots by themselves and bless every piece of work.
This means having a Mala is not only a symbol of praying for beauty and helping meditation but also a handmade, fashionable, natural and unique work of art.