Gift Guide for Selecting a Mala
Of course, you can add some good choices for your Mala collection, but when you want to pass on the happiness of having a handmade Mala to the people you care about, like family members, friends, colleagues, or anyone you love, we strongly recommend that you select a Mala as a gift for them.

For this reason, we have carefully prepared simple and fashionable jewelry bags and boxes for each OasyMala jewelry and provided cards to explain the stone meanings. They are very suitable for giving to others as a small, meaningful handmade jewelry gift.

Before you buy a Mala, you might as well read the next two guides that we have prepared for you. After reading them, you may be very excited. The task of choosing a Mala for someone else has become so simple after that.



By Intention (Reminder & Companion)
Mala beads help us focus on an intention, so to figure out where this person is in their life right here and right now, what are they experiencing? What are they struggling with? What are their goals and dreams? Wear a Mala is to capture the purpose of this intention and as it helps remind the wearer to overcome the fear, reach the goal, to find comfort, and provide support for them in any journey

By Gemstones (Appearance & Life Style)
Once you make your intentions clear, its time to decide the appearance. When it comes to appearance, an important factor is a life style. Are they active? Do they wear casual clothes or do they wear them when they go out at night? On the beach or in a yoga class? To this end, summarize each factor, combined with the characteristics of our Mala beads, such as necklaces or bracelets, with or without tassels, elastic design, or adjustable design?

Through these two very important factors, now I think you have your own answer to how to choose a Mala as a gift? Let's do it!