You Don't Just Sweat, You Glow.
As your practice heats up, you may notice that you're sweating. Your concentration has drifted, and you immediately move to wipe off the sweat. Before you wipe, take a look at this:

Truth: Sweat is a biomechanical system produced by your body to cool you down.

It's not meant to make your mascara run, it's meant to create a moisture barrier on your skin so that when the heat evaporates, you cool down.

Mistake: Sweating indicates you're out of shape or not very active.

How much you sweat depends on your body's unique homeostasis and glands, both responsible for thermoregulation.

Fact: Your sweat is made of minerals.

Your sweat is made up of important nutrients like potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and water. Drinking water before a workout is crucial to building your biomechanical system so that it has enough water to pull on. Don't forget to replace electrolytes lost in your sweat.

Wiping off sweat will also cool you down.

When you wipe off sweat, you are stripping away this barrier of moisture that has formed on your skin. That means your body needs to produce more energy, use more minerals, and pull more water out of your body to create a water barrier again.

Resisting the urge to brush, fidget or wander requires concentration, determination, and, of course, meditation. No one can take your peace away from you but yourself. The same goes for your sweat, because that's your body whispering "I got you."

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