What you need to know about Mala beads and fashion

Let's get to what you need to know about Mala beads and fashion! If you haven't read the previous articles, fear not. The information here does not depend on you reading Part 1 first. However, we do recommend that you take a look at it, as it provides valuable information about your Mala and the rules surrounding it.

Beyond that, grab your Mala beads and discover everything you need to know about this stunning strand of beads, which is much more than a fashion statement.

Someone shouldn't be wearing your Mala beads... unless
The conventional wisdom is that someone wearing your Mala or even touching your Mala beads is a great hell to not do. The same can still be said today, as Mala is very personal, providing specific attributes based on your intentions and auras.

However, in today's society, running in the opposite direction or throwing a tantrum when someone comes to compliment you on your Mala necklace may not be the best option. So what's a yogi to do?

Well, as times have changed, it's not uncommon for people to reach out and touch your Mala beads as they appreciate their amazing beauty. If they don't know the meaning behind Mala's necklace, they don't know what they're doing wrong. Now, like all the other rules surrounding the ball today, it's up to you and how you feel about the situation.

If you feel that someone should not wear or touch your Mala, politely explain to them. It's also a great opportunity to teach them about prayer necklaces, and if they're reaching for your rosary beads, they obviously don't know that.

Also, if the idea of someone touching your Mala beads really scares you and throws your chakras out the window, you might want to make them fit only for your yoga practice, not a fashion statement. What's more, it takes a simple cleansing and incantation to quickly bring your Mala beads back to your vibrational frequency. So, if someone touches your Mala necklace, don't panic. It can be fixed.

Mala beads can be used in fashion
As mentioned earlier, you may be wondering if wearing a Mala necklace as a fashion sense is also a form of Mala bead etiquette. Again, it boils down to what you're feeling is Mala rosary, Mara prayer, Mara prayer necklace, Mala, prayer rosary. Outside of yoga and meditation practices, it's not uncommon for people to wear Mala necklaces. They are completely hip, stylish, and powerful. So, who doesn't want to wear a Mala necklace all day long? However, if you feel this is not right, if you believe that the benefits of chakra therapy should only be used in meditation and yoga, then keep your Mala necklace. Everyone has their own.

The Mala Necklace rule was meant to be broken
As the old saying goes, rules are made to be broken! This is true for Mala necklaces because your Mala necklace will never work for you if you don't use it the way you want it to. So the Mala rule is more of a guideline or suggestion than a set rule. Do what feels right to you, and if that means making everyone feel your beads, then do it! Maybe you're the kind of person who depends on the energy of others.

The most important rule of Mala bead etiquette is to use it for yourself. Mala beads always around you; Your intentions; The reasons you use a particular style; Your purpose; Your desires; What's on your mind; Give me whatever you want. It's a place of fashion, yoga, and meditation where you can be totally selfish.

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