"What was your first yoga class like?"

The first time I stepped on the yoga mat in 2017, I decided to practice well.

That winter, the haze was particularly severe. I often stay in a daze in front of the street in the French windows at home. Cars and people have to go through the dusty area until they are close enough to see them. It seems that there is nothing else in the world except this ten-degree gray.
The biggest idea is the yoga studio a few blocks away.

The first yoga class, also let me harvest a good friend.
Our friendship began by asking her, "do you want to wear socks in class?" Start, until now.

The first class, too unforgettable!
It made me regard interest as an important mission and decided to stick to it. Can you say it has no magic?

Now let's talk about you,

"What was your first yoga class like?"
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