What should meditation feel like?

If you're new to meditation, you're probably wondering what the hell you're doing. After all, it feels strange to sit in a quiet, comfortable place and take deep breaths with Mala beads in your hands.

Because your mind, body, and soul have become accustomed to the radio waves consuming your life, turning them off for some rest and relaxation takes some practice. So, you might find yourself opening one eye and wondering if this is what meditation feels like.

As a rule of thumb, once you've reached the level of deep meditation, you'll know.
You may experience some, all, or none of these meditative feelings -- it's perfectly normal. Everyone is different.

You escape to a different world
When your mind goes into deep meditation, there is an overwhelming feeling that you are not on this planet. Where you are and what happens around you, because you are not there, it doesn't matter who is there. You're somewhere else. That's all that matters.

You have nothing else to do
Another common feeling associated with deep meditation is the feeling of not having to do anything. It doesn't matter how long your chore list is, how many errands you have to do, or how far behind you are. You feel like there's nothing else to do but breathe.

You're watching a movie
Once you're in deep meditation, you'll feel like you're watching a movie. You might start to see things in your mind, or imagine landscapes that make you feel relaxed, birds chirping, waves splashing -- who knows. Every time it's a new movie.

The most peaceful state
The level of peace you experience through meditation is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You may not even know this state of calm exists because people who don't meditate regularly never experience it. It was an indescribable calm. Think about what your happy place feels like and turn it over a million times. This is what meditation feels like.

An uncontrollable physical sensation
You may also have a feeling that you don't know where they came from. Don't panic and, more importantly, don't ruin your meditation. This is perfectly normal. Many people who meditate experience itching, temperature changes, twitching, spontaneous movements, etc. That's it. That's normal.

Meditation sounds great, doesn't it? Grab your Mala beads and slip into your own Zen Den once you've learned how to enter deep meditation.

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