Among all the yoga meditation systems, none of them is as direct, time-honored, or widely used as yoga voice meditation. As mentioned above, yoga
voice meditation can be combined with the practice of promoting the Qi of life, and can also be practiced individually for life.

Yoga voice meditation is also called mantra meditation. The Sanskrit word mantra can be divided into two parts: man and tra. "Man" means "mind".
"Tera" means "draw away.". Therefore, "mantra" means a group of special sounds that can lead people's minds away from their secular thoughts,
worries, desires, spiritual burdens, and so on. As long as a person focuses on his yoga voice, he can gradually surpass the qualities of ignorance and
passion and live in the height of goodness. From this step, yoga meditation develops deeper, gradually evolves into perfect Zen, and finally enters a
state of meditation.

It is against the ability of the mind to try to keep the mind focused on a certain object by means of attention. It is difficult and futile to do so. This is
actually against the principles of yoga meditation. In yoga meditation, one should gently try to focus his mind on a certain object. If the mind wants to
leave the object, he will try to catch it and bring it back. But it's done very gently.

Yoga voice meditation practice is very simple. There are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes it's repeated recitation by heart and mouth at the same
time, sometimes it's just silent recitation. When reciting aloud, sometimes it is repeated in a low voice, sometimes it is recited in a normal voice
loudness, sometimes it is recited in a rhythmic way. Sometimes recitation keeps pace with breathing, sometimes it doesn't have to. Sometimes it's
sitting, sometimes it's standing, sometimes it's walking, and so on. The practitioner's eyes are sometimes closed, sometimes partially closed,
sometimes fully open.

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