What is Sanskrit? How do I use Sanskrit?

What is Sanskrit?
The first question to answer is, "What is Sanskrit?" After all, it's hard to appreciate the beauty of these amazing new necklaces if you don't know what Sanskrit is.
Simply put, Sanskrit is the main language of Hinduism. It is a sacred language used in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. During meditation, Sanskrit is spoken or chanted to help communicate one's intentions and channel the energy needed.

What does it mean in Sanskrit?
Sanskrit has been a sacred language since ancient times, but it is more than that. Sanskrit, when translated into English, means decoration, purification, perfection, cultivation, all the other words that you definitely want to associate with your mindfulness.

How to use Sanskrit?
This question may seem like a trap! After all, you can use Sanskrit just by wearing one of our beautiful Mala necklaces. However, there are also all sorts of ways -- traditional and modern -- that you can use Sanskrit to communicate your intentions and energy.

Wear it
The most modern way to use Sanskrit is to wear it around your neck. You can leave it at that, or you can use your Sanskrit Mala necklace to remind you of your intentions throughout the day. It's also a great way to remind yourself of your mindfulness goals. When the coffee runs out and noon is around the corner, look at your necklace and take a moment to breathe deeply and be in the moment. After that, you definitely don't need a cup of coffee, because meditation is much more restorative than a cup of coffee.

Sing it
Another traditional way to use Sanskrit is during meditation. Choose a Sanskrit that reflects your intentions and sing it in your head or out loud during meditation. Adding Sanskrit to meditation is a powerful combination, and you can't go wrong.

Combine it
And then, of course, you can combine all these horrible things to maximize the effect. Wear your Sanskrit Mala necklace, remind yourself of your intentions throughout the day, and meditate with it. Simple and powerful!

So if you're ready for a more focused time, buy a Mala necklace. There are different styles of Malas, all representing different energies and intentions.

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