Picture Jasper is a kind of felsic sandstone. Natural Picture Jasper stone, its own picturesque grain shape, hence the name. This is also the most valuable place of Picture Jasper stone - each stone has different lines and colors, which can form a beautiful picture, which makes people who love fantasy have another unique space to play, and let the bubble of wisdom stir up countless beautiful works. Where is the river, where is the mountains and rivers, a stone in the hand, no matter how strange the story is, of course, all depends on self-determination.

Picture Jasper stone is produced in South Africa. Its crystal structure is fine-grained, and the main mineral components are feldspar, quartz, and some iron oxides. Due to the filling of minerals along the joints and capillary holes of the original stone, under certain weathering conditions, the color of mineral elements is brown, brown-yellow, brown brown brown caused by divalent iron and trivalent iron ions, and some brownish red, maroon red, mineral elements are the color Fruit, directly leading to its pattern showing different color lines. Therefore, the colors of Picture Jasper stones are generally yellow, yellowish-brown, gray, etc. the luster is glassy to earthy, opaque, and Mohs hardness is 5-6.

Picture Jasper stone is loved by people for its simple and natural characteristics.

Picture Jasper is a great stone for meditation. It will merge your consciousness with the earth. It will show you how you can be ecologically responsible so that you will enjoy being here in this world together with other people and living things.

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