What is OasyMala?

Recorded in the sound Om Upanishads, Om voice that can represent the Vatican Brahman the invariable absolute real last century one of the most attention of the western scientific community legend yogi, Swahili Miramar (Sri Swami Rama) wrote in his book: practitioners just devotedly input on the sound of the Om, can realize that is absolutely true that is why in the modern yoga practice, we still need to practice the prophecy chant represented by Om mandala reason.

So that's one of the reasons why OasyMala was born. We are born for OM jewelry.
And we seek spiritual growth. Whether inside or outside, through yoga and meditation practice, we pursue the process of self-discovery.

OasyMala is here to share healing jewelry ideas and designs. Our mission is to make the yoga and meditation experience beautiful and to make them spread through life with the special meaning of natural stones.

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