What is mindfulness?

As the name suggests, the brain is completely focused on what is happening.

Mindfulness is being curious, purposeful, conscious, attentive, and aware of the present.

There is no judgment, no analysis, no reaction to everything at the moment, just focus on the feeling of the body at the moment without any prejudice.

All thoughts that arise from the heart, that are in harmony with the reality within you, that are in harmony with the reality in front of you, that bring you peace and joy are mindfulness.

No judgment, no rush to judge the status quo, good or bad, right or wrong, just complete awareness.

Stay original, be curious, and be open to new experiences.

Trust, trust yourself, trust in the wisdom and ability of life to bring about the most suitable arrangements.

No pressing, no suppressing or avoiding, no pressing or overexerting.

Acceptance, acceptance of real things as they are.

Let go, let go of likes and dislikes, do not exert force or attempt to control, and adapt to change.

Kindness, caring for yourself and others.

Mindfulness is a quality that everyone is born with. You don't have to work hard to create it. You just have to learn how to approach it.

Without mindfulness, people are prone to anxiety.

Whether we like to admit it or not, it's easy to get distracted from what's going on in the moment, and our thoughts often drift out of nowhere.

At this point, we lose touch with our bodies, and soon we become preoccupied with what has already happened, or with assumptions and worries about the future.

This is bound to leave us vulnerable to depression and anxiety.

And there's a lot of scientific research that shows that people who are more mindful lead easier lives and are less prone to emotions and states like anxiety and depression.

Living in the past leads to depression and living in the future leads to anxiety. Conversely, depressed people tend to recall the past, while anxious people tend to worry about the future.

Mindfulness is a fundamental ability to be fully present, and aware of where we are and what we are doing, rather than overreacting or being overwhelmed by what is happening around us.

True mindfulness is a way of life that helps us learn how to become one, how to be truly present.

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