What does Blue Spot Jasper look like?
Blue Spot Jasper is a rare semi-precious stone, it is not everywhere, but it is very popular in jewelry and rosary. There are many blue patches on the surface of the Blue Spot Jasper. In addition, there are also many small brown and near earth color spots, which make the Blue Spot Jasper look like it has just been dug out of the soil. The surface of natural Blue Spot Jasper is very smooth and has the cool characteristics of most natural stones. Blue Spot Jasper is not transparent, but its color looks very bright. If not carefully identified, Blue Spot Jasper can easily be mistaken for sodalite stone or lapis lazuli.

Gemstone Meanings
Blue Spot Jasper has strong healing and stable grounding powers. Emits slow and constant energy, allow you to be “at the moment” in the physical body. Promotes courage, builds inner strength, and brings an air of calmness.

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