Star Moon Bodhi is a kind of religious goods. Bodhi is a transliteration of Sanskrit Bodhi. It is the seed of the tropical plant rattan. It grows in central India, Malay Islands, Papua New Guinea, and southern China. After being shaped and polished into beads, the original position of the Seed Germ forms a round hole, and the surrounding black spots are as dense as stars, showing the trend of stars supporting the moon, so it is named the Star Moon Bodhi.

Star Moon Bodhi beads not only have the profound meaning of achieving Bodhi but also have the function of dispelling evil spirits. Wearing beads can increase wisdom and remove troubles.

The number of beads means:

1080: each of the ten realms has 108 kinds of troubles, and 1080 kinds of troubles are synthesized. The ten realms represent the whole world of mystery and enlightenment.

108: 108 pieces are the most common number. In order to prove the eight samadhi, we can cut off 108 kinds of troubles, so that the body and mind can reach a state of silence.

54: it represents the 54 positions of Bodhisattva in the process of cultivation, including ten faith, ten residences, ten elements, ten Huixiang, ten places, fifty ranks, plus four good root positions.

42: it represents the 42 levels of Bodhisattva's practice, i.e. ten residences, ten elements, ten places, ten reversals, equal senses, and wonderful wonders.

36: 36 pieces is a simplified version of 108 pieces, which is mainly for the convenience of carrying, and also conveys the mysterious philosophy of taking the small to see the big and simplifying the complex.

27: each string of beads represents a Buddhist sage, totaling 27 sages of Buddhism. It originates from the theory of "four directions and four fruits" in the Xiaocheng sect.

21: representing ten places, ten molasses, and Buddha fruits, with a total of 21 ranks.

18: commonly known as the eighteen sons, "Eighteen" refers to the eighteen realms, namely, six roots, six dust, and six knowledge.

14: it means that Guanyin Bodhisattva shares the same compassion with all sentient beings, such as the ten directions, the third generation, and the sixth way, and enables all living beings to obtain 14 kinds of fearless merits and virtues.

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