There are five meditation guides on Youtube
Oh, you can find great stuff on Youtube; Guided meditation is certainly one of them. But, as you probably already know, finding value on Youtube can be a difficult thing to do. After all, anyone can upload anything, but not all content is created equally. So, we've created this list of the best-guided meditations on Youtube, so you can start meditating with your 108 beads today.

Morning Guided Meditation
Mantra Malta has an amazing series of guided meditations on Youtube. We personally love this one because it's short and sweet -- the perfect morning. In fact, this guided meditation video is designed to get you started in 10 minutes.

Meet your personal spiritual guide
With over a million views on Youtube, this meditation guide should definitely be on your list. The music is very calm, the sound is very soothing, and it's easy to understand, which is the key. After all, if you're trying to complete these steps, you'll be distracted and unable to reach that state of deep relaxation. So, introduce Jason Stephenson's meditation guide on Youtube.

The deep relaxation of happiness
With over 10 million views on Youtube, this meditation tutorial by honest people is definitely one of the most popular videos ever - and because it's on Youtube, it's totally free! # bonus
It's recommended that you meditate with headphones on (which are great for eliminating distractions and external noise), and as an added bonus, you can zoom in on soothing sounds, accompanied by the sound of waves.

Mindfulness meditation
Another tip is 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Again, it's best to wear headphones, but that's entirely up to you, like most things during meditation. We love this guided meditation because it's quick and easy to keep you at the moment, even at the most inconvenient times. As long as you have 10 minutes, you'll be fine.

Guided meditation for relaxation, anxiety, depression, and self-acceptance
Meditation Relaxation Clubs on Youtube are really a great place to do guided meditation -- they really have something for everyone, every mood, every intention, and every lifestyle. This is specifically for relaxation, anxiety, depression, and self-acceptance, all of which we can relate to. Often, these things are major mental and emotional barriers that disrupt our balance and atmosphere. So, take 20 minutes to find a comfortable place and follow this guided meditation to restore your mind, body, and spirit.

There are so many incredible meditation tutorials on Youtube. So, let this list be a start for you to discover many ways to release negative energy, channel positive energy and achieve your goals. Once you're familiar with guided meditation, you can start a new meditation journey without a guide, and Mala beads are a great way to do that.

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