The way I become more myself through moving meditation
Yoga made me fall in love with kombucha, Malas and sweat fabrics. It also taught me how to love myself, my body and how it works. The method is as follows:

It met my expectations
My first yoga class in college had no expectations, but "things started to unfold." With every class, I learned that the only expectation is no expectation. You will never be disappointed by what you did or didn't achieve. If all you do is breathe, you're doing your best. It's also liberating outside the yoga room.

I feel more connected to my body
Yoga poses teach you how your body works. In this regard, I began to celebrate my body, what it does (and doesn't do), and how it makes me feel more like myself every time I move. Any yoga class with movement is based on stretching, strengthening and twisting, targeting tissues, organs, muscles and skeletal systems.
Your real estate is your yoga mat, your magic carpet ride. The real magic is being in your body and feeling what you're feeling.

It's a personal journey of acceptance
Celebrate everything you can and can't do and how empowering it is. Whether it's being able to stand and bow for a full minute, or being able to touch the ground and celebrate those victories, as they are relative to you. Don't compare yourself to others, in yoga or in life, we all have different body structures, histories and strengths. The more you focus on yourself and what you can do, the more you will have.

When your next namaste summons, look down at the sweat pool on your mat. "I am what I am supposed to be, and I have never existed like this before."

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