With the continuous development of science and technology, machines, as production tools, have increasingly reduced people's manual labor; the increasingly developed electronic computers not only accurately carry out mathematical operations, but also translate one language into another, replacing people's minds work. The emergence of modern robots can not only replace human hands to operate dangerous work or experiments but also use them to engage in artistic creation. If you use it to write, paint, embroider In the near future, all the artworks created by the human hand will gradually be replaced by technological products such as computers. Then, the handicrafts, ceramics, knitting, paper binding, toys, which were closely related to people's lives in the past The craftsmanship of handcraft is gradually unknown. The impact of modernization, so that traditional crafts are quietly passing away from us. Along with it, there is communication between human beings and things, and the harmony between life and nature. Nowadays, there are many kinds of daily necessities and handicrafts, but there are nobody temperature and emotion left by the producers.

Handmade arts and crafts are the producer's art.
It comes from the folk and serves the people. It always integrates practicality and aesthetics into one, with the duality of material and spirit. It is not a pure art phenomenon. Folk arts and crafts rooted in the most basic level of society, in different nationalities, different regions, built a solid foundation of mass culture and had a profound impact on other cultures and arts.

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