Rosary mainly refers to the objects used by some religions in praying, singing, chanting scriptures, chanting or spiritual cultivation. It is generally used in traditional religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Taoism, Orthodox, Anglican, Islamic and Baha'i religions.

In Buddhism
Rosary beads belong to Buddhist "Dharma tools" and so on, commonly known as "Buddha beads". "Counting beads" means counting beads.

In Taoism
Taoist rosary beads are called "Liuzhu", and the number of them is 365, which represents the number of stars in a year.

In the Orthodox Eastern Church
The rosary of the orthodox church is called "prayer rope". The Russian Orthodox Church also uses the rosary made of leather (Russian: лѣстовка, lestovka). The Christian religion is more serious about wearing rosary beads, which can not be hung on the neck as accessories.

In Catholicism
Catholicism has rosary beads dedicated to the Rosary and the prayer of the Savior of mercy. In recent years, the Anglican Church has also introduced rosary beads. The ancient monks in the Western church used to recite 50 chants a day.

In Islamism
In Islamic society, they are called Misbah (Arabic: مسبحة), Subha (Arabic: سحة), TASBIH (Urdu), and Tesbetespih (Arabic, Turkish, Bosnian).

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