Having a stable structure is an essential factor for the matter to exist. There are many forces in the universe that are opposed to each other, and our own energy must be able to organize and sustain itself effectively in this situation. Gravity is the source of energy for the body's stress, and its core is the foundation of the root chakra. Located at the end of the spine, the root chakra is the cornerstone of the entire chakra system, upon which all subtle energies and even the entire human body depend to maintain overall harmony.

The root chakra's name in Sanskrit is Muladhara, which means "root". The foundation of life is the human body and its ability to use energy to keep itself going. The main activity of the root chakra is to keep running so that the body can survive. It is the energy center closest to the earth, and it is closely connected with the whole planet.

The root chakra connects our consciousness and perception with the body. Many ancient civilizations believed that the heart was the residence of the human mind and soul; while Western cultures value the head as the source of rational thinking, they ignore the body's importance. It is in such misunderstandings that the natural connection between human beings and the body and the sense of belonging as a part of the world has been lost, resulting in a feeling of alienation from the outside world. People become pessimistic and world-weary because of this, and lose interest in everything; in the eyes of these people, there is nothing to be worthwhile to appreciate, and life will soon become dull.

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