The yogic system holds that the physical world and the mental world are similar, not two different worlds, because matter actually evolved from the mind. When the true nature of the mind is known, it no longer deludes the self, and the self alone radiates its own glory, and meditation is regarded as the art of acquiring this knowledge. Willpower plays an important role in this technique. By the exercise of the will, the mind can be consciously and deliberately cultivated into a single thought, and thus to the exclusion of all other thoughts.

The cessation of all suffering through the knowledge of the inner self, which is pure consciousness, is the purpose of meditation. The yogic system regards ignorance as the source of suffering, and it confuses the self, entangling it in the material world. This kind of entanglement is the essence of the mind, which can cut off the entanglement of the material world and the spiritual world to the self through real knowledge.

Meditation focuses on a single object and reveals the true nature of an object by focusing on its true nature. For only by understanding a thing can we control it. And since all things are composed of the same essence, it is by knowing the true nature of one object that one can understand the true nature of all objects in the universe.

Whether it's something concrete or abstract, like an image or a symbol; A word or an idea, an image of a god or a person, can be chosen in the practice of concentration and meditation.

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