The Mala Beads Etiquette You Need to Know
Like many topics on the Internet, there is an abundance of contradicting information about Mala necklaces. So, you’ve likely found yourself confused if you’ve ever done some research online. Fortunately, we’re here to clear the air, mind, body, and soul of any fog you’ve been experiencing. After all, that’s what Mala beads are all about!

Today, we are giving you the facts that are not only correct but that are also specific to modern-day terms, which leads us to the first thing you need to know about OasyMala beads.

Mala Beads Aren’t Only for Religious Practise
Traditionally, Mala beads were used to practice religion. The word ‘Mala’ itself means heavenly garland but you don’t have to be religious to use them. In fact, prayer beads were traditionally used for meditation as well, which is where their main use today comes from. So, religion can be a part of your practice if you want but in no way, shape or form is it a requirement.

Mala Necklaces Can Be as Spiritual as You Want
With the prior mentioned, you may be wondering what the value of a Mala bead necklace is if it isn’t for religious and spiritual purposes. For starters, since they were traditionally used as a sacred and spiritual tool, you can still use them as such. The natural materials used to create each Mala bead necklace hold spiritual benefits that give them purpose. Some Mala beads channel positive energy, whereas others provide calming elements, some enhance clarity, others improve independence, and so on and so forth.

So, your Mala necklaces can be as spiritual as you want – or not spiritual at all. If you don’t believe in spiritual benefits, you don’t have to use your Mala beads for them. Instead, they can just be a killer piece of yoga jewelry or a tool you use to count during your meditation.

Your Mala Can Touch the Ground If That’s What Feels Right to You
The traditional view of placing your Mala necklace on the ground is deemed to be extremely disrespectful. However, we aren’t back in ancient times and things have changed. While many yogis place their Mala beads on top of their yoga mat during practice, you can do whatever you want. The secret to capitalizing on the power of your Mala prayer necklace is to do what feels right to you. If placing your prayer beads on the ground feels like it aligns with what you’re feeling and trying to achieve, then, by all means, get down on that floor with your Mala!

You Can Cleanse your Mala… Or Not
The way you should treat your Mala beads ultimately comes down to your reason for using them. After all, if you are wearing Mala necklaces for a fashion statement and don’t believe in the spiritual value, then there’s no need for you to recite a sentence for cleansing.

On the contrary, if you are using your Mala beads for their spiritual capabilities and you do drop them on the ground (and don’t believe they should touch the floor), then you do want to cleanse them. This is as simple as reciting a cleansing mantra such as, “Om Mani Padme Hum” or placing it under direct sunlight. Many people also use sage to cleanse their Malas.

At the end of the day, the way you should use and treat your Mala necklace comes down to you. Mala beads are very specific to their wearer and if you’re doing something because someone on the Internet told you to, there’s really no value there.

So, whether you’re using Mala prayer beads for meditation, for healing, or for a fashion statement, OasyMala is the place to shop! Tune in later this week for a new blog about Mala beads and fashion!

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