The chakra system is a complex whole. Each chakra is connected with the other. Although there are primary and secondary chakras, each chakra is like a gear in a machine. Once the movement of a chakra changes, the whole system will change accordingly. When each chakra performs its own duties and moves harmoniously, energy will flow effectively. However, if a certain chakra is damaged and cannot function normally, it will inevitably bring pressure to the adjacent chakra, resulting in its normal movement.

Once the movement of a chakra in the system is out of balance, it will stagnate in an improper state of activity. At this time, this chakra will have insufficient energy supply or hyperactivity. When this happens, other chakras in the system have to change their original energy levels accordingly. This indicates that the whole system needs to be active at the same energy level so that each chakra can interact normally.

Like other parts of the human body, the chakra system responds to changes in the external environment. In some cases, a specific chakra will play a greater role, but at this time, its activities are still in a balanced state, and all parameters of system activities are normal. Only when there is too much energy gathered in a certain place will the body begin to have problems, often starting from the congenital weak parts. The pressure accumulated in the past or the current overwork are possible causes.

Different work and lifestyles require the expertise of different chakras, and the power of the chakra system needs to be adjusted accordingly. For example, a singer usually needs to have a particularly active throat chakra to keep his voice healthy, and at the same time, the heart chakra also needs to maintain sufficient energy, so that the singer can have profound perception and emotional resonance, and can fully participate in the singing. A keen observer can find that there are a lot of activities in the heart wheel and throat wheel of the singer.

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