Seven meditation methods to double your meditation effect!

1. Observe breathing
Breathing has always played an important role in meditation, and it is a real phenomenon in life.
Observation allows us to go back to the present, feel life, observe and breathe continuously, and the heart will calm down.

2. Feel the body
The practice of feeling body meditation must be based on the body's feelings and experience.
Feeling the body can improve our perception. Another advantage is that we can find an important cause and effect, that is, the feeling of the body pushes us to think, speak, and do things.

3. Observe ideas
The most direct benefit of observing one's own thoughts is to discover that one's own thoughts are not equal to one's own; one's thoughts are just thoughts, not long-term anxieties.

4. Listen to the voice
It's also an effective way to meditate when we listen to the voices around us, not to analyze or evaluate the sounds, but just to listen.

5. Give emotional space
In meditation, you need to give space to all your emotions. Such meditation requires constant training to challenge our instincts.

6. Management attention
When our control of attention is weaker and weaker, we will lose more and more ourselves, lose control of our happiness, so we will feel the pain of anxiety and depression, and even lose the meaning of life.

7. Existence
Often give yourself such a moment, do nothing, have no goals and expectations, just exist, live, just get along with yourself.

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