How to maintain psychological balance in modern life is a common concern. The American Society of mental health has put forward 10 tips for psychological balance, which are worth learning.

Don't be hard on yourself
Everyone has his own ambition. Some people set their ambition too high and can't achieve it at all, so they are depressed all the time. This is actually asking for trouble. Some people demand perfection in what they do, sometimes close to harshness, and often blame themselves for small flaws. As a result, the victims are still themselves. In order to avoid frustration, they should set their goals and goals together Set yourself within your ability, appreciate what you have achieved, and you will feel comfortable naturally.

Don't fight with people everywhere
Some people's psychological imbalance is complete because they fight with others everywhere, making themselves often in a state of tension. In fact, in interpersonal harmony, as long as you are not hostile to others, others will not be enemies with you.

Don't expect too much of your family
It seems that it is human nature for the wife to expect her husband to prosper and the parents to expect their children to become dragons and Phoenix. However, when the other party can not meet their expectations, they are disappointed. In fact, everyone has his own way of life. Why ask others to cater to him.

Temporary leave dilemma
In reality, when you are frustrated, you should put aside your worries and do what you like to do, such as sports, playing ball games, reading, appreciation, etc. after you feel calm, you can face your own problems again and think about solutions.

Appropriate concession
In dealing with some problems in work and life, as long as the main premise is not affected, there is no need to insist on non-principle problems, so as to reduce their own troubles.

Show goodwill to others
Being rejected in life is often because others are wary. If you show your kindness at the right time, sincerely talk about friendship and extend a hand of friendship, you will naturally have more friends and less estrangement, and your mood will naturally become calm.

Talk to someone about your troubles
The trouble in life is a common thing, all the trouble in the heart, will only make people depressed, harmful to physical and mental health. If you pour out your inner troubles to your close friends, you will feel comfortable.

Helping others do things
Helping people is the foundation of happiness. Helping others can not only make you forget your troubles but also show the value of your existence and gain precious friendship and happiness.

Active Entertainment
Proper entertainment in life can not only regulate emotions, relieve pressure, but also increase new knowledge and fun.

Happy is he who is content
Whether it's honor or disgrace, rise or fall, gain or loss, it's often not based on personal will, honor or disgrace is not surprised, indifferent to fame and wealth, achieving psychological balance is great happiness.

And how to pick a Mala might bring you great balance? We make a list for reference!

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