A return of energy is the completion of the meditation

In meditation, giving is also called "reflux," meaning that what goes out comes back. The whole universe is made up of flowing energy, and of course, people are no exception. Energy comes in many forms, such as love, compassion, admiration, approval, money, material possessions, family, and friendship. When people give out of kindness, there is more room for energy to flow in. The simplest example of energy flow is "helping others". You are happy when you help others. Your help is energy flowing out of you, and happiness is energy flowing in.

In life, however, we often interrupt the flow of energy without realizing it. For example, when we are afraid and anxious, we hold on to what we have. When the energy we have cannot flow out, new energy cannot flow in. Many of us have a tendency to be more or less wedded to our own territory (people, things, things) in the face of life. They think life won't give them what they want, so they have to hold on to what they have. This is a very paradoxical behavior when you desperately want to get love and care in your life but you are blocking the possibility of it happening.

So, it can only happen when you give with true kindness, and it can only happen when you give with love. It's not self-sacrifice, it's not self-sacrifice, it's not clever self-righteousness, it's not even a whim of your own, it's just because you're happy because you enjoy giving.

In fact, we have been pursuing love, happiness, joy, joy, but we ignore that they have always been in our hearts, are our inherent energy, and we don't have to go out to find, them as long as we dig out the inner happiness, it will continue to flow out, and infect the people around, with them to share this happy mood. Remember, it's not a moral imperative to share. It's an act of your heart. You're doing it because you like how it feels.

When the energy of love flows out, we have more room to receive the energy of love. The more we share, the more we get. Giving is the reward itself. You can experience this wonderful process with more practice.

Give as many compliments and affirmations as you can to the other person and tell them what you appreciate about them, such as sending your thoughts to the other person with words, hugs, smiles, a well-prepared gift, or even money. If it's words, make it clear that you appreciate it and love it. Don't get too pushy. They'll be happy to hear it.

If you have something you don't like that a friend needs, give it to them.

If possible, donate a portion of your monthly income to charity, poor areas, or people experiencing a disaster. It doesn't matter how much or how little you give, it's just a way of energy flowing, giving back to society, and being thankful for what you have received from society. If you're usually frugal, try "wasting" once in a while by treating yourself to a nice meal, buying a bill for a colleague, or giving a gift to a friend. Your actions speak louder than your verbal affirmations. Throughout the universe, what flows is the essence of energy.

Of course, you can think of other ways to experience the flow of energy, as long as it is given out of love, to feel a sense of satisfaction, a return of energy is a completion of meditation. Keep practicing and you'll find a life full of love, joy, and fulfillment.

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