Mantras, or repeating mantras, are one of our favorite forms of meditation and the whole reason Malas exist!

Traditionally, a yogi would chant a mantra 108 times, but 108 is a hard number to count, so to help a yogi with Malas, use rosary beads to count the number of repetitions.

To do that, you need Mala and a mantra.

Use your thumb and middle finger to pinch the mantra from the guru beads (the largest in the middle!). To begin, count the number of times each mantra is repeated with your thumb and pull it toward you as you say it.

Keep walking until you get back to the guru beads (note: some Malas have 54 beads, in this case, you need to do 2 rounds to get 108 beads)

If you already have a mantra, now is a good time to use it. If not, you may want to find a mantra that resonates with you and make it part of your practice, either aloud or silently, depending on what works for you.

We recommend using one mantra at a time so that you can really relate to the mantra and the qualities it has.

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