Put down Your Cell Phone and Have a Good Sleep

Two hours before going to bed, or an hour a day, you can mute or turn off your cell phone, or keep it out of sight to reduce interaction and slow down the neural circuits.

Have you noticed the effect of cell phones on the brain?

It's easy to notice this in meditation when the brain calms down.

Every time I look at my mobile phone, a lot of news, pictures, sounds, and videos flow into my heart, arousing all kinds of ideas and pictures.

It seems to relax by diverting attention, but in fact, it triggers more neural circuits and increases the burden on the brain.

Some people will ask, how do you sleep well? When you let go of yourself and empty your mind, you are more likely to have a good sleep.

Think about the dreams you've had. Which dream didn't have you?

Is the dream related to self? We can observe that there is no need to jump to conclusions.

We often worry about dreams, yearn in dreams, satisfy in dreams, and reunite in dreams. Is there me in these dreams?

The content of mobile phones will inspire us with a lot of ideas. There is a center of thought, and that is the self. How much of it means a self, and how much evokes your self?

During the day, a lot of interaction is inevitable, the mobile phone is a convenient life assistant; but before going to bed, can we reduce the interaction and let the brain begin to calm down.

Less cell phone, less thought, less dream.

Finally, I wish you a peaceful and happy life.

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