Prepare your 12 Sunday rituals for the week in advance
Oh, Sunday. They are too bitter. You can spend the day loving yourself, but you also know that workweek is fast approaching. However, it all depends on the mindset. If you talk yourself into "Monday blues" before the workweek even starts, you're setting yourself up for exhaustion and negativity. So, instead of worrying about next week, but these Sunday habits into action and set yourself up for a great week.

Breathe fresh air
Clearing away the negative energy and stress of the past week before moving on to the next will allow you to fully accept the week. There is no better way than to breathe the fresh air outside. Rain or shine, set aside at least 15 minutes on a Sunday to heal the wounds of the land.

Your Thoughts
Whether you're blogging under an alias, writing a personal journal or recording a video for YouTube, don't forget to voice your thoughts on Sunday. This is another great way to talk about the events of the past week so you can make room for a positive atmosphere and move on.

Take a bath
Find some new, colorful bath bombs, turn on some meditative (or calming) music, and prepare some hot ones. Showering helps to relax your mind, body, and spirit, as well as getting rid of all negative energy and toxins. Detox, guys, detox!

Create a to-do list
There's nothing worse than starting a Monday with a list of to-do items swirling around in your head, and it seems impossible to avoid them. After all, you probably have a lot of things to do. However, making a to-do list on Sunday will prepare you for all the tasks that are coming up. This also allows you to prioritize and organize your thoughts so you don't feel like Monday is a blast.

Meal planning mindfulness
What you put in your body has a huge effect on how you feel. And since you might hit the snooze button on Monday morning (tut, tut) and dash to the vending machine at noon because you don't have time to make lunch, Mondays can quickly become unbearable. So, set aside some time to plan your meals. Choose healthy snacks and mindful meals that will fuel your mind, body, and spirit without fueling Monday's fire.

Deciding what to wear
Some people put their outfits together on Sunday. We'll arrange the Mala beads, and you should do the same. Mala rosaries are a great way to remind yourself of your intentions and mindful aspirations for the day. The energy (and style) they channel is effective not only on Monday but throughout the week. So, select some Mala beads for your goal of the week and you'll be ready to tackle any problem you encounter. Yes, even the Monday blues.

Find your catchphrase
It's always nice to have a mantra (a word or phrase) to guide you through the next week. If you don't know what spell to use, wear one! Our Sanskrit necklace collection will remind you of your mantras throughout the day, while also giving you an extra point of style.

Do something - anything
You're busy during the week, and on the weekend, you just want to watch Netflix's latest hit show. We've all been there. However, weekends are limited and it's important to take some time to enjoy life. Check out your friends and family, check out that new local city cafe you've been dying to visit, and finally try the Acro-Yoga that's just popping up around town. Whatever it is, give yourself some time to do something -- anything.

Unplug and take time off from technology
Getting away from technology is crucial to your mental health and focus. It's impossible to truly connect with your mind, body, and spirit when your phone is constantly thumbs up from Instagram. So turn it off on Sunday, unplug for at least an hour, and focus on the present moment.

Reading and Relaxing
Read a book; Read our blog; Read a magazine; The little card you get when you buy from Oasymala says. No matter what it is, no matter how big or small, spend some time reading on Sunday. It's a great way to relax and escape from the real world. Plus, it will make you smarter!

Reflect and refresh
Many of the steps provided in this list will help you reflect and recover on Monday, but it's always good to add this extra habit just in case.
It's important to review the past week so that when you enter the next week, you have a clear picture. On Sunday, make it a habit to think about everything good that happens; Something you'd like to change or get rid of completely (goodbye, toxic relationships), and then refresh your mind by deciding how to do it.

Meditate for maximum mindfulness
No list would be complete without mentioning the importance of Sunday meditation. Meditation allows you to focus and be in the present moment

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