Practice Self-hypnotic Meditation

The 1/3 TIME OF LIFE IS SPENT IN MORPHEUS, THE RELATION OF morPHEUS AND HEALTH HAS ALWAYS BEEN taken seriously BY PEOPLE. "Would rather eat no meat, can not sleep can not sleep" is the history of the medical scientists to insomnia patients brought by the most real portrayal of the pain.

Due to persistent obstacles of sleep, which led to the decrease of the sleep quality of patients feel in different degrees in the day to rest and recover energy, causing the body spent trapped, depression, dizziness, flustered, drowsiness, attention, thinking hard, memory loss, unresponsive, depression anxiety and other physiological problems, these problems condition is called insomnia. So, how to use the method of hypnosis to treat insomnia? Let's start with one of the most common self-hypnosis techniques used to sleep.

1. The induced

Induction is actually a process of relaxing into silence. You can choose a quiet, softly lit room, sit in a chair with your hands flat on your knees, pick an object (or a point on the wall) at eye level or slightly higher, and stare at it quietly and steadily. Take a deep breath, try to hold your breath, and make your muscles tense, especially with your hands, then slowly exhale your breath, and gradually relax your muscles. Repeat this several times, counting backwards slowly from 300. If you forget halfway, you can start from the beginning, or start counting backwards from any number. At the same time of counting, mind your feet muscles relax, until your feet soft and flabby almost unconscious, and the foot began to relax the ankle upward, legs, thighs, hips, abdomen, chest, hands, forearms, elbows, shoulders, neck, face, upper eyelid drooping as far as possible at this time, gradually closed, head can also gently forward, prolapse.

2. To deepen

To deepen is to go further into stillness in the process of inducing relaxation. At this time, you can repeat a word or something in your mind, or imagine a scene that can calm your mind. Imagine, for example, being in a lobby full of people and shops, then stepping on a lift and drifting into another quiet, softly lit place, as if there were no one else around, where the body floats and sinks until it reaches the desired depth. Or, imagine yourself standing in a drizzle, the rain falling gently from your head, and your body gradually floating away, as if you had entered a wonderful fairyland.

3. The instruction

An instruction is a word that is repeated over and over again to achieve a certain purpose, or to tell oneself what is intended to be done but difficult to do. , for example, you want to lose weight, want to make oneself to achieve the ideal body shape and weight, then you can imagine yourself standing in front of a big mirror in the mirror, can see his look brand-new, the ideal image, you're constantly telling myself: "if I reached the ideal weight, can appear more spirit, more beautiful. Once I have enough nutrients in my body, I don't feel hungry anymore and I don't eat more. That way, I'll be in good shape and energetic..." Some people abroad have bought self-hypnosis tapes in an attempt to lose weight. It is said that some people fell asleep before listening to the recording that night, and when they had lunch the next day, they felt delicious, but they ate only half of the usual amount and felt full, which is believed to be the effect of hypnotism. Persists in a few weeks do self hypnosis, 2 times a day as a result, you can give yourself such instructions when relaxing static: I was a quiet, comfortable and elegant environment, all is not here to bother me, I will have a good night's sleep, sleep so sweet, when I woke up, all the fatigue and pain will disappear. I will never again suffer from insomnia or panic attacks.

The above steps, in the beginning of the practice, the effect may not be ideal, but as long as the patience and persistence, after a few practice, you can achieve the desired effect.

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