In the world of yoga, there is a saying about the beginning of the universe: before ancient times, there were some faint, buzzing sounds on the planet. These sounds came from the sound waves of the frequency laws of the energy of objects. Later, these tones, like snowballs, accumulated more and more energy, so many things including biology were born (or produced).

Whether you believe it or not, from the perspective of modern science, everything does emit different kinds of sound waves, but most of them are not accepted by human ears. After collecting, compressing, and sorting these sound waves with many scientific instruments, it is found that they come from a very simple and primitive sound.

Yes, that's OM.

This OM is not just a simple temperament. In the Yoga world, it is not only symbolized but also a symbol representing the whole Yoga world.

From this voice, we extend a symbol and give it a supreme meaning. Many yogis believe that OM is the most powerful and soothing one of all mantra. Therefore, when we are upset and angry, or when we can't sit still, we often recite OM stories in our hearts or mouths.

Singing this OM word can help us to get away from the restlessness and help us to enter the realm of meditation.

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