Mindfulness Meditation Skills

Meditation practice is an effective way to reduce stress and teach your body and mind to relax. Not only that, but such exercises can help build confidence and self-esteem. Most importantly, just like any other exercise, it can help you keep fit and keep you in good shape.

There are many types of meditation exercises you can do. It depends on their ability to make you feel relaxed and reduce stress. You can try walking meditation. It's a form of meditation that monks have developed in their monasteries. What they do is walk in a quiet place for a while thinking or meditating on something. It can be simple, and you can do it.

What you need to do in walking meditation is to find a path for yourself. It can be a circular track, a sports field, or even a garden big enough to walk in. Start by taking this route so you know the route. Once you get used to it, take slow, deep breaths and then slowly exhale. As you do this, try to be aware of your body. Feel or feel your whole body and become aware of every part of it. Try to walk slowly. When you walk, try to be mentally aware of how your body works. Don't try to criticize every feature or action. Try to notice how your body moves as you walk.

At first, some people might think this is silly. But like any other form of meditation, this is not something you should rush into. You need to get used to it. They can be distracting at times, and they usually are. It's normal, especially in the early days, to have thoughts like "this is stupid" or "I'm going to do the dishes" in your head. When they appear, try to gently push them away and continue your walk. You can do this for 10 or 15 minutes, take a break, and then go back to your daily routine.

Another simple meditation exercise you can do is the so-called "walk into painting" technique. You can start by finding a painting you like to look at. Place it a few feet away from you at a comfortable visual distance. Sit down in a comfortable place, preferably at home, where you won't be disturbed.

When you're ready with your painting and a fairly large area, try closing your eyes. Pay attention to the way you breathe. Just pay attention to how your body works as you inhale and exhale. Try to keep everything as normal as possible and not change anything, even when you breathe. After a few minutes, you'll notice that your body starts to slow down.

At this point, you can open your eyes and look at the painting of your choice. Just stare at the picture. Pay attention to the scenery, lines, and colors. Try to picture it in your mind. Once you've got it in your head, close your eyes. Create a mental picture and imagine yourself walking into it. Put yourself in the picture in your mind. Look through the frame at where you are sitting. Let your thoughts take you into the picture. Explore and be aware of your surroundings as you are being painted. Trying to learn these meditation practices can be quite risky.

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