Meet your spiritual guide in meditation

Within each of us lives an incomparably wise guide. There are times when we feel like we can't connect with higher wisdom, so get to know your inner guide in meditation.

In a comfortable meditation position, close your eyes, press your tongue against your palate, and enter your breath count. As the breath enters the inner channel of light, the breath leads you through the channel and you come to a lush green meadow where you feel a perfect sense of connection with everything around you and everything inside you. You sit down on the grass and enjoy the peaceful landscape by yourself.

After a few seconds, you notice a beautiful creature coming towards you. It's your inner guide. This guide shows wisdom, kindness, and compassion, and possesses special talents and abilities. Your inner guide may be a man or a woman, it may be a symbol that has special meaning in your heart, it may be an animal, or it may be anything you imagine. When the guide approaches, ask it to sit with you and Revere it.

You start talking to your guide and tell it that you are looking for confidence and the ability to trust others. Ask the guide these questions and ask it to give you Pointers:

You have betrayed your trust in the past. How do you gain confidence? How can you further self-compassion?

How can you listen and reflect on your needs more effectively?

In what ways can you communicate with others to increase intimacy and trust?


If you have any inner questions about self-trust and mutual trust, ask them out and follow the guide's advice and guidance. When it gives you an answer, thank it from the bottom of your heart.

The doubts in your mind are becoming clear, and you feel a breeze blowing around you, and the breeze is lifting you up and moving away from the grass, saying goodbye to your inner guide. Organize the messages you are receiving, return your attention to your breathing, open your eyes, and end your meditation. If you feel the need, you can record the information you learned from this meditation in your meditation notebook.

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