Meditation Practice - Sweet Meditation

Life is not always smPooth sailing, we will always encounter various blows and setbacks, some people will use these as motivation to motivate themselves to move forward to success, while many people will be unable to keep up after a fall, and will be trapped in the mood of loss and sadness, and even begin to deny themselves and doubt their ability, so as to hold on to the idea of breaking and breaking. So, for the latter, how to get rid of the negative mood? Here, we'll learn about the sweet meditation technique, which can help us deal with failure more positively.

Usually, if a person is full of negative emotions, the mood will only get worse and worse, may think of all the past failures from one blow, then the best solution is to neutralize it with another positive emotion, with more and more positive emotions to eliminate the negative pessimism, kill its growth trend, The Sweet Meditation is about using pleasant feelings to help you discover happiness and get rid of negative emotions.

Find a quiet place to relax and reflect on the good things you have experienced in life. Focus on the small, often overlooked pleasant feelings, such as receiving a gift, eating a long-lost delicious food, smelling fresh flowers, or a pleasant travel experience, or being recognized for planning or creative ideas at work. You can imagine a bird soaring in the sky, every feather caressed by the wind, and feeling its freedom and joy.

Now close your eyes, step into all the beautiful pictures you can think of, and allow yourself to experience them, to be in them, to be willing to be infected by them. Stay in this state for as long as you can, stay positive, and slowly lengthen it from 5 seconds to 10 seconds to 15 seconds to 20 seconds. Give it your full attention and don't be distracted by anything else.

Then, let those feelings of pleasure fill your body as strong as possible. For example, think back to the warmth of being held in your mother's arms as a child, or the sweetness of being taken care of by your lover. Let those good feelings swelling in your body. There are other ways you can make the pleasurable feeling more intense, such as when you consciously process an event in the past, overcome a difficulty, and reinforce your present sense of accomplishment by reflecting on the various setbacks you encountered along the way. You feel relieved, fulfilled, and happy. Or after you've been helped by a person, remembering that someone else has been caring and loving for you can deepen your sense of being loved. Try to get pleasant feelings deep into your mind and heart. Think of them as water seeping into a sponge, oxygen in your lungs, and sunlight on the bottom of the sea. Relax and accept the emotions and thoughts that these feelings bring to you. Finally, imagine that these pleasant experiences have been absorbed by you, that they have been converted into positive energy within you. At this point, you can end your meditation at any time.

If you keep doing this sweet meditation practice, you will become more and more optimistic, you will be able to shrug off negative and pessimistic feelings, and you will have confidence and hope for the future. It doesn't have to be in the face of misfortune. You can practice it in your everyday life and let the feeling of happiness surround you and infect those around you.

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