Meditation is not about emptying your mind; Nor is meditation an effort to turn the mind into a blank. For those of you who are new to meditation, none of this is possible. If you're trying to get thoughts out of your head, do you ever find it paradoxical: how do you empty the mind manager who is busy trying to get thoughts out of your head?

Meditation is not about doing one thing. Meditation, pure attention, does not bring into itself any attention content and does not participate in the object of attention. Meditation is simply noticing and paying attention. If you bring in any intention, content, purpose, or even a purpose of "I'm going to try to get into meditation," you're not meditating, you're just doing something.

You ask: What's the difference? Isn't that what you're doing? Not really, pure attention, if there is no mixed hope, fear, expectation, positive, negative... It is the only activity that does not involve "doing" -- in fact, it is misleading to call it a "living" activity, for it is neither "living" -- active nor "dead" -- passive, neither activity nor immobility.

Meditation also does not mean that we are not actively involved in our lives, in fact, if you want to stop an activity is an activity; Life is like a river, you can't stop. In fact, our minds are the only ones that are not filled with ideas, doctrines, dreams, expectations, fears, stories, internal conversations... Kidnapping, what we do in our lives, is the right thing to do at the moment. For example, if a child suddenly rushes off the sidewalk into the street, you can easily focus on appropriate action as long as you have sharp attention, without the brain arming you with any "knowledge" of what is appropriate to do.

Meditation is not being in a daze, not being stupid, not being stupid... Meditation, on the other hand, wakes the brain up from the distractions and "choices." It trains us to split wood, carry water, eat food... This is called presence, the present moment... It's about focusing on what you're doing, so much so that it becomes what it is.

When it's time to sit and meditate, do it. When it's time to clean a room, do it. When there's time to live, let's live; Be quiet when you need to be. It's that simple.

Why does everyone find it almost impossibly hard to say something so simple? That's because this simple thing runs counter to all the ideas we've been taught and influenced by our entire life, that we have "choices," "ideas," "dreams"... Yes, you may only need to eat a bowl of rice, but you must think that a restaurant with 200 dishes on the menu is good. The whole civilization of human beings trains you to "want" and "get", not to stop and savor the "present moment" that you don't need to reach out to grab at any moment. Meditation, is against the sky - in meditation we stop "to do the next thing" efforts, do not follow the hot "want" desire, there is no "blood" in case of realization of the "dream" - just in a no matter what the situation, just in the taste of life to bring us the complete experience; So meditation is essential "counter-culture", "anti-education", "anti-marketing", "anti-market"... In short, it's against everything our brains have been taught.

If we focus only on getting one thing "off" at hand, every moment of our life becomes a burden. But if you can slow down and notice every moment of life unfolding before you, you can taste the sweetness of life. So meditation is to keep bringing us back to life, so we don't miss it. Let us realize that there is nothing to be done at this moment, mind, me, this moment makes no difference, you are what you are doing.

This is the reality of life, except that the concepts and preconceived thoughts in our heads separate us from any activity. So we have judgment, labeling good or bad... Then cleaning, and washing dishes became a boring chore, and life gradually became a boring life...

But our problem isn't that our lives are boring, it's that we don't allow ourselves to live fully; There is no present moment, only the opinions in your head, all the opinions, thoughts, and emotions in your head all the time.

Life is bigger than our thoughts, and life is creating freshness every moment. If we pay enough attention, we can see the freshness of each moment. So life is just being present, paying attention, and behaving appropriately.

This is the training of meditation: meditation trains a pure observer, just to see; Without any mind to bring, to do, to seek, to attain...

In meditation, we see being as undivided. Every moment we see, there is nothing to "do" except to live in full awareness. And just to look at it means to put it down, as close as your next breath.

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