It is said that there is an animal in the Amazon rainforest that moves very slowly and feels very slow. Some people describe this dull animal as follows: if you stomp on its tail on Monday, it will not feel pain and scream until Wednesday, and it is probably next Wednesday. Whether there is such an animal or people's fiction, we can't verify it, but we can find a more insensitive creature than this animal, that is, people who are insensitive to awareness. They are so insensitive that they almost never feel the joy of being anywhere and anytime in their life.

People who are insensitive will not hear the sound of birds, insects, light rain, car engine, or refrigerator cooling outside when they get up in the morning; They will not see that the branches of the tree that passes by every day have sprouted buds or blossomed small flowers, and the clouds in the sky have been blown into the shape of elephants or babies by the wind. One colleague in the office had a haircut yesterday and another colleague put on new clothes; They will not smell the unique fragrance of soil and grass, the smell of old furniture in my grandfather's home, and the unique mixed smell of food in my mother's kitchen; They will not be aware of why they and others are happy, sad and depressed, and can't see clearly the mode of their own mind and emotions. Their lives are like rotten wood. There is no big difference between existence and death. They never feel happy.

Epicurus, a famous Greek philosopher, once said, "What matters is not what happens to you, but your response to it." The "response" he mentioned can be understood as our feelings. I believe everyone is familiar with "feeling": we can see beautiful sunrise and colorful colors with our eyes; You can listen to the chirp of birds and the soft voice of lovers with our ears; We can smell the fragrance of flowers with our nose... All of these belong to "feeling", let us feel the things that appear in life. However, there are still some feelings that are not on the surface of the body, but at the depth of the heart. For example, we can feel whether the body is "functioning" normally, and even feel the continuous energy flow in the body.

There are good and bad feelings. A good feeling is always positive and positive. It can let you enjoy every happy scenery in life and bring you all positive energy. Its rule is that the better you feel, the better the people, things, and things that appear in your life. When your feelings tend to be more beautiful, there will be a harmonious vibration frequency around you, and this energy will be transferred to your heart and make you feel very comfortable; On the contrary, the worse your feeling, the worse the people, things, and things that appear in your life. When your feelings tend to be worse, there will be disharmonious vibration frequencies around you, and these energies will make you feel very disharmonious when transmitted to your heart. In other words, the quality of feeling is inseparable from everything you attract. One of the functions of meditation is that meditators are more sensitive to good feelings and have resistance to negative and bad feelings.

No one will like the bad feeling, and no one will taste any joy in it. Therefore, you need to awaken all the good feelings inside and extend your life in a good direction. You can think about how you feel at this time, is it sad or happy? Or how do you feel about your work at this time? Is it annoying or smooth? If you think of "my feeling is very bad" and "my work is very bad", then this feeling is full of negative energy, which will make your next work and life more difficult. In this regard, you might as well try to think "I feel good", "My work is difficult, but it is a turning point for me", etc. These feelings will fill you with positive energy inside so that you are in a harmonious energy cycle.

There are also some people who are very vague about the good and bad. If others ask them "how do you feel", they always answer "OK" and "OK". This kind of answer sounds good, but it is essentially different from "good". It feels good is good, and bad is bad. If a person always feels that everything is "OK" and "OK", in essence, he feels that the situation at this time is sloppy, just ordinary. Then what this feeling attracts is the ordinary life, and this person will not have outstanding achievements.

Many people do not know the power of good feelings, so they will not control their feelings. They only feel that there are good things or bad things in their life, and they do not understand that the reason why these things are good or bad is determined by their own feelings. It's like a troublesome matter. If you treat it with a positive feeling, you will feel that this matter contains a turning point; If we treat it with negative feelings, bad things will happen. You need to awaken the inner good feeling and keep yourself in the positive energy. The premise of all this is to change your feeling and make them develop towards the good side.

When you feel good, you don't have to worry about negative things in your life, because your consciousness and actions are good, and naturally attract the same good things. As long as you can awaken all good feelings inside, all negative energies, including fear, anger, hatred, and sadness, cannot enter into this kind of good feeling. Therefore, if you want to feel better at this time, or if you want to keep a good feeling at all times, please see everything around you as beautiful and wonderful!

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