Meditation for healing others

One way to show kindness to another person is to practice healing meditation with that person in mind. More or less, we have loved ones who are suffering from illness or trouble, and we can choose to help them kindly by practicing healing meditation. If the person hasn't asked you to do this healing meditation, you don't have to tell him about it. Just meditate alone.

Here's how to meditate on healing.

Take a comfortable meditation position, close your eyes, and focus on your breath and breath to relax your body and clear your mind.

Imagine a golden orb of light above your head, through which the fullness of the universe is pouring into you.

Now, imagine that the person you want to heal is standing in front of you, and you ask him if he needs your help. You tell him that you will do your best to help this person. If he tells you that he is in a lot of pain in a certain part of his body, you transfer the cosmic energy in your body to that part of his body and let the cosmic energy heal him. If he tells you that he is troubled by something, give him a gentle hug and tell him that everything is there and the universe will help us fix it.

Then, imagine him surrounded by the golden light of healing, he is so alive at this moment. You tell him that the cosmic forces he is experiencing now will always be watching over him, supporting him with love and energy. Then, spend a moment with him in peace in the golden light.

When you feel that he has been completely surrounded by positive energy, you can slowly bring your attention back to your breathing, open your eyes, and end the meditation.

After meditating to heal others, there is no physical energy expenditure of your own. Instead, you'll feel fresh, healthy, comfortable, and refreshed.

If you do feel drained, you may be pushing too hard because you're too emotionally involved. It may be helpful to imagine leaving this person's healing to a higher power in the universe to handle and to be sure that whatever happens is in his best interest. Remember, we can't always know what's in our best interest or someone else's.

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