Meditation allows you to linger in the flow of life

Nature always shows wisdom in its easy and effortless operation, and it does every one of its works with little effort. It is obvious that it conveys to us one of the spiritual laws of life: the principle of minimal action and non-confrontation, which is also a principle of harmony and love. If we only learn this from nature, then we can easily realize our heart's desire.

If you immerse yourself in nature, you will find that everything is effortless. Grass never grows deliberately, it just grows; Fish never swims deliberately, it just swims; Flowers never deliberately open, they just open; Birds don't try to fly, they just fly. It's all in their nature. The earth has no axis on which to turn itself, but it spins at a dizzying speed and flies through the sky, as is its nature. The joy of children is their nature, the radiance of the sun is their nature, and the twinkle of the stars is their nature. And it's human nature to effortlessly turn our dreams into a living reality.

The wisdom of nature can be exercised effortlessly without any effort. It is non-linear, spontaneous, comprehensive, and nutritious. When you are in tune with nature and truly know your true "self," you can take advantage of the Law of least effort.

When your actions are driven by love, you do things with less effort, because nature is assembled by the forces of love; When you seek power and try to control others, you are wasting energy. To lust after money and power for one's own gain is to turn your back on present happiness in favor of illusory happiness, which cuts off your sources of energy and prevents nature from exercising her wisdom. But when your actions are motivated by love, you build up a lot of energy, and that energy can help you create anything you want, including endless wealth.

The Law of Least Effort consists of three parts that allow us to practice the law of less work and more gain.

The first part is acceptance. Acceptance is about making a promise: "Any person, any situation, any event that I encounter today is who they are, and I will accept them for who they are." This means that we understand that what we are experiencing now is natural because the universe is as it should be, and natural because the universe is natural.

The second part is responsibility. Responsibility means that you don't complain about what's going on around you at the moment. When you accept your situation, responsibility means that you have the ability to come up with a creative response to the situation you are facing. All problems contain seeds of opportunity, and being aware of this allows you to embrace the moment and change the situation for the better.

The third part is not defending. This means to base your consciousness on not defending your point of view and to eliminate the desire to persuade or persuade others to believe your point of view. The people around you spend 99% of their time defending their opinions. If you can eliminate this thought, you will get back a lot of wasted energy.

If you can embrace the present moment, feel the joy and presence of each present moment, and experience the spiritual radiance of each life, your happiness will flow from within you, your mind will no longer doubt, and your dreams will come true. Give up your resistance and head for the easy path of wisdom. When you have the perfect combination of acceptance, responsibility, and non-defense, you can experience the freedom of life.

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