Mala Beads show you 6 ways to get out of a panic
Mala Beads aren't just for fashion, and they're not just for yoga. These beautiful beads have a variety of energies, many of which, if used properly, can send you straight out of your panic attack. So let's break the stigma of mental illness together and use the Mala Beads for good health.

Help you practice deep breathing
Mala Beads traditional practice involves deep breathing through meditation, which can be used to get rid of anxiety attacks. In fact, deep breathing is one of the best natural remedies for anxiety, but it takes time to learn how to do it properly.
That's what Mala Beads are good for. Every day, you can use these beads to train yourself to take deep breaths, so that when you're in the midst of a seizure, you know how to get rid of it.
That's another reason Mala necklaces and Mala bracelets are so popular. You carry your tools everywhere you go, and when you're feeling anxious, all you have to do is touch your nipples and breathe with each bead.

Bring you a more peaceful state of mind
Thanks to the traditional Mala Beads method, they can be a great way to achieve a calm mind. Deep breathing is a big one, but there are some Mala necklaces and bracelets with natural materials that are believed to promote calm energy throughout your soul.

Eliminate negative energy
As mentioned earlier, Mala Beads are designed with specific materials to promote different energies. There are many ways to dispel negative energy and drive away from the fear and anxiety that can send you into a panic.

The inherent power of the channel
Often, in order to get rid of a panic attack, you need inner strength. Unfortunately, anxiety can be so debilitating that you feel weaker than ever before. So, you can use Mala Beads to give yourself extra strength to overcome difficulties.

Eliminate anxiety
If you need any Mala Beads to overcome panic attacks, they are designed specifically to eliminate anxiety.

Reduce emotional discomfort
Your emotions play a big role in your mental health, but dealing with anxiety can make you feel uncomfortable.

So take some Mala Beads from OasyMala and let's break the stigma, one breath at a time, one Mala at a time.

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