Kindness can only be given out of overflowing love

Kindness to give is great freedom, that you can anytime, anywhere, all the time show your nature, show your love without expecting anything in return. When you give something, you must be looking for something in return, although you often deny it, the fact is that there is no giving without seeking a return, only love without seeking a return. Love is an outpouring of nature from the inside out. It never asks for any kind of return. Just as the sun shines on the earth without return from the earth, flowers bloom alone without return from the earth, and your outpouring of love needs no return from others. When you do something in return, you must not give love, because love gives everything and expects nothing.

You often define love in your mind without noticing the error. You think that love is a kind of giving, and giving must be in return. Both of these sentences are wrong.

Love is not a kind of giving, love itself is a kind of expression of nature, is a property of your life itself, you love nature, love your life, love everything you feel, this is a kind of giving? You show your love just as a red flower shows red. Red is not a flower's giving, but its natural attribute. You will only show your own love to the world. It is an expression of your nature, not a giving. Love is related to your existence, not whether you realize it or not. You will be aware that our love exists, and you will be aware that you are love, but you will not be aware that love is giving. As long as you are aware of what you are giving or giving, it is not love.

What is given may not be returned, just as a seed planted may not take root, germinate, blossom, and bear fruit. The world we live in is an impermanent world, you can decide what kind of seed to plant, but how it will develop is completely out of your will, with a persistent heart to expect a result, it is inevitable to be disappointed. When you are conscious of what you are giving, it is because you also have the desire to give back. When the person you like leaves you, you feel sad or angry because he or she doesn't like us. But why are you sad and angry? It's just because you didn't get what you wanted in return. But all you can decide is whether to give or not to give. How can you decide whether to give or not to give? If you must get something in return for giving, how is that different from investing? You always think that since you have given, you should be rewarded, just like sowing seeds must see them germinate, but the seeds do not germinate by the laws of nature, not by your give to decide, your give will not have a return is also the same.

There is a story about a master who walked into a barber's shop dressed as a beggar. The barber hurriedly greeted him and gave him a haircut. Instead of accepting his money, he returned the money and escorted him out. The master was moved and decided to give the barber the money he received that day. A rich man happened to give him a bag full of gold coins. He ran to the barber's shop and gave the barber his wallet. When the barber finally figured out why he had given him the coins, he was very angry. "What kind of master are you to return my love!"

This is a story of body and mind. In this story, the barber's understanding of love is clearly a level above that of the "master." This "master" is at most a theoretical master on the mental level, he does not really understand what love is, and the barber is a pure love being. When you feel love, you have nothing to give back; When you love, you have nothing to give. You just have to follow your nature and love everything in this world, and it doesn't matter if that love is also felt by those who give it to you.

You have to live your life to realize that you cannot give love because love is never giving. You may also fall into a mental rut over and over again, where you automatically expect to give something, only to get out of it when you suddenly realize that it's just a mistake and a mental trap.

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