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Mala beads are rapidly becoming a fashion trend. No longer just for meditation purposes, they are now used by everyone who wants to add a Bohemian touch and feel to their wardrobe.

However, true fashion comes from the meaning behind each Mala bead. If you wear Mala necklaces and Mala bracelets to gain healing powers, you need to know how to wear Mala beads properly to maximize the effects.

So, grab your Malas! Here's what you need to know about how to wear Mala beads correctly.

How to wear a Mala necklace
The Mala necklace is the easiest way to harness the healing powers of stones and crystals. All you have to do is wear a necklace (once you learn how to choose your Mala beads according to your intentions) and you're ready to ruin the day and your yoga practice.

But don't get me wrong. While the process of wearing a Mala necklace is simple, the style is far from it. You can use the Mala necklace to deliver all the energy you want while also adding dimension to your appearance.

Some people even wrap them to shorten their length. It depends on how you want to personalize the look of your Mala beads. Learn the best way to use Mala beads for maximum therapeutic results.

Rules for wearing Malas
There are also rules for wearing Mala Beads -- including Mala necklaces and Mala bracelets.

First, your Mala beads should not touch the ground. It is considered an immoral act that will deprive you of your energy and intentions of beads. Fortunately, you learned how to care for and clean your Mala beads to restore balance if they are indeed on the ground.

Some people also think that other people should not touch your Mala beads, which is a little difficult because they are so amazing. Everyone reaches out to admire the Mala around your neck. Again, you can always clean them up if you need to.

There are many other "rules" for wearing Mala beads, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to preference and purpose.

If you don't believe that putting a Mala on the ground or letting someone touch it can affect a Mala, don't worry.

The right wrist is the correct way to wear the Mala bracelet
If you've recently picked up some of our new Mala bracelets, you may be wondering if there are any rules associated with them. The traditional view of Mala is that your Mala bracelet should be worn on your right wrist.

So, whether you want to slip a Mala necklace into a bracelet or have already bought some new Mala bracelets, the right hand is usually the right choice. Many people wrap their wrists with necklaces from the 108 Mala necklace series.

However, that's not to say that you won't get the benefit and style of wearing a Mala bead on your left hand. Whatever you decide to do, your Mala bead will absorb your energy. So, it comes down to whether or not you want to use the Mala traditionally.

Wear your Mala in your way
It is important to remember that you are the person who has the greatest impact on how the Mala works for you. If you wear a Mala bracelet on your right hand as you are told, but it abandons your chakra and makes you feel uncomfortable, you'd better move it to the left.

At the end of the day, whether you like to accessorize with Mala beads or like the style and deeper healing, there's a look that's right for you. The relationship between you and your Mala is special, they are your Mala beads -- as long as the clothes resonate with you, you can wear them however you want!

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