How to use the Mala beads? 

Your Mala is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. Whether you use it for healing, energy, or meditation, your Mala is sacred.

Although Mala beads are traditionally used for prayer and meditation, anyone can decorate their body with these beautiful beads. The most important thing is to believe in their power, to allow yourself to believe in the power of Mala.


How do I hold a Mala?

Holding a Mala in the right hand between the middle thumb (avoid holding the Mala between the forefinger and thumb, as the forefinger represents the self).

Most people use the Mala beads during meditation to keep track of mantras, breath counts, or to help focus during meditation practice.


How to Meditate with Mala beads?

When meditating on your Mala, most people use a mantra -- a word or phrase that they repeat to help focus. Your mantra can be as simple as "love" or "om" or the Sanskrit phrase "sat nam," which translates as "truth is my name."

When you meditate with your Mala, you need to count your mantras or breath. To do this, hold your Mala in your hand and gently rotate each bead between your thumb and middle finger while repeating your mantra aloud or in your head.

Once you've walked around the beads, counting your mantra or breath on each one (most beads have 108 beads -- a sacred traditional number), you'll arrive at the beads. Your Mala beads symbolize a time for contemplation.

You can give thanks for your Mala beads, reflect on your meditation practice, or praise yourself for slowing down and giving yourself time to practice the act of meditative self-care.


Practice self-compassion

Meditation requires practice and patience, so remember to show kindness and forgiveness. Your mind is always wandering, so it's important to give yourself time to practice mindfulness - bringing your attention back to your mantra and Mala beads is key.

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