How to stay alert during the holidays?

Your excitement level is likely to rise as the holiday's approach. Unfortunately, this excitement is almost always accompanied by a lot of stress. Over the years, people seem to have forgotten the true meaning of the holiday. Everyone is running around the mall like some crazy chicken, eager to Max out their credit cards and thinking of nothing but gifts.
During this crazy, busy, busy, expensive holiday season, it's important to take some time to feel grateful and focused.

1. Focus on Christmas associations
The first step to staying focused over the holidays is to forget all the other nonsense. The most important part of Christmas is your connection with others. So, make it your goal to give care and acceptance to those you love. The connection that follows will be enough to keep you focused for the rest of the day.

2. Accept good and bad feelings
While we all think of the holidays as a time of happiness and joy, there's no denying that it can also be an incredibly difficult time that comes with more pain than there is. Except for the winter blues you know are coming, the holidays are really lonely. It's a time to be reminded of loss and grief, and dealing with the emotions that follow can be overwhelming, especially in a society where everyone tells you that you deserve to live your life perfectly. Not to mention that you could be tricked into thinking that everyone else is happy on this holiday. However, this is not accurate.
What's more, there's nothing wrong with being unhappy at this time of year. So embrace the holiday feeling -- good or bad. Give yourself the space to feel what your mind, body, and spirit want you to feel.

3. Don't be afraid to break traditions
It's a traditional season, or so they say. While traditions are great, they are not always positive. So, if you're feeling pressure to keep up with traditions and memories, trigger negative emotions and energy, and make this season the time for you to finally get rid of those bad moments. If you have a "lucky" mother-in-law who can't handle tension at the family dinner table or doesn't want to spend more time with co-workers, start saying "no." It's your own holiday, just like everyone else's holiday, and you should celebrate it with joy, focus, and joy. If that means ditching old habits, traditions or ending bad habits, so be it.

4. Go the extra mile in your communication
Connectivity and love are supposed to be two of the most important things this season, but they seem to be the two things that are in short supply. Everyone is busy; Too busy going to every dinner party, finishing holiday shopping, working overtime to pay skyrocketing credit card bills, basically, too tired to connect and communicate. While you can't change others, you can change yourself and the way you appreciate the season. So, make it your mission to go the extra mile when it comes to holiday communication. Take the time to send real Christmas cards -- you know, the ones that go in the real mail, not in people's inboxes. More importantly, let your gift convey the most meaningful message, which brings us to our next topic...

5. Wrap meaningful gifts, not material ones
The designer one, the luxury one, the diamond one, the expensive one. The holiday season seems to be more about gifts than existence, which is a shame. However, you can't change that overnight. So all you can do is accept the season for what it is and turn it into something useful for you -- and that starts with the gifts.
Instead of wrapping material gifts that will lose their freshness after the first week, make it your mission to wrap something meaningful. Let your gifts convey your feelings, focus, and emotions to the people you love most. Mala beads are, of course, the perfect way to do this, and as an extra gift, they are the gift that keeps on giving -- the beauty of the gift is beyond the eye.

6. Know your personal needs
The final thing to remember as you head into the busy holiday season is to understand your personal needs. It's easy to get swallowed up in the boredom of modern society, and while you can't completely avoid holiday obligations, it's important to balance your needs with those of your holiday obligations. Combine this totally unpopular dinner party with a spa service or dinner with some people at a tense table

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