How to stabilize impetuous psychology?

Impetuosity is a common morbid psychological manifestation at present. People with impetuous psychology are frivolous, rash, and impatient. They have no perseverance in doing things. They are restless and want to take chances. They have nothing to do all day and have a big temper. In the face of a rapidly changing society, they are at a loss and have no confidence in their future. This kind of psychology is easy to be impatient in emotion and shows anxiety in comparison with others. Because of impatience and anxiety, emotions replace reason, which makes the action blind and lacks thinking before doing things. As long as you can make money, you will do things that violate the law and discipline.

1. Be good at thinking when meeting things. Don't always follow your feelings. At any time, you should take the initiative to face problems, take reality as the benchmark, and analyze problems calmly.

2. Remind yourself. When you are in a fickle mood and don't want to study, you can hint to yourself that no matter how much you don't want to go on seriously, you want to get good grades, the joy of parents, the envy of classmates, and the praise of teachers, you will have great motivation to continue.

3. Do things down-to-earth, have a long-term goal in their own life, but also down-to-earth, step by step, I believe you will finally harvest the joy of success.

4. Always keep an ordinary heart. At any time, do not have such a dream as "big Yuanbao falls from the sky". Everyone's success is achieved after hard work. At the same time, we should treat other people's shortcomings correctly, and don't judge others just because of our small emotions.

5. Don't blindly compare and encourage your vanity. Know how to give up, don't have such and such careful thinking, disordered their hands and feet, will bring some trouble to themselves.

6. Travel more and absorb more fresh air.

7. Before doing something, relax and treat it as usual.

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