How to keep your mind still in a class where you’re constantly moving?

Inhale, arms above your head.

* Count your breaths so that they are in sync with each movement. If you want to get more aerobic exercise, move each time you exhale/inhale. If you're looking to focus on muscular movements, count to five breaths per stage of your vinyasa.

Exhale, fully fold

Set an intention for each pose/action. Specifically, an adjustment or a hint given by the teacher. If they suggest pushing your hips forward, lifting your chest, relaxing your shoulders... Choose one and make that movement/focus shift the subject of your mindfulness.

Release halfway through inhalation

Find the changes that work for you. A posture, especially when held, should be a healthy balance of effort and ease. If you operate 100% from the start, your alignment and shape will only deteriorate.

Exhale, step back, squat

If you itch or scratch water, no problem. Make it your best time to relax. Make it the itchiest place you've ever scratched. So that when you come back, you're completely satisfied with the idea and can say, "I already acknowledged you so I can skip you."

Inhaling up

Practice taking 80-20 breaths as your stomach or chest touches the mat. Exhale and release 80% of your breath, then inhale 20%, as if sipping. This will ensure that your stomach doesn't work too hard with each inhalation and exhalation, preventing you from going up and down as hard as up dog or Cobra.

Exhale downward

Imagine readjusting a position where you are balancing uncomfortably into a savasana. Create relaxation and relaxation, find comfort and immerse yourself in it as if you were lying on your mat. It becomes a conscious exercise to find the "eye of the storm" in each pose that challenges you.
Inhale to look at your hands and exhale to walk or jump over them. Inhalation canceled midway. Complete exhalation folds. Inhale, breathe in slowly, and exhale up.

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