There is no such thing as a right or wrong mantra. It’s something that is based on your own personal experience. As such, it holds unique power and beauty that may not be for everyone – and it doesn’t have to be. It’s your mantra, right? So, let’s start creating.

Step One: Release Your Inner Thoughts
The first step to creating your own mantra is to release your inner thoughts. We recommend doing this in a journal, as you’ll be able to refer back to what you’ve written in times of need. Plus, it’ll be super easy to spot any phrases that jump out at you.

So, grab a journal and when your mind is fresh, take a couple of minutes to write. The secret is to do so freely; let the words flow. Describe how you’re feeling, what you’re going through, and what you want from life. Whatever your soul is telling you, jot it down.

Step Two: Decide on Your Intention
Once you’ve taken a couple of days – maybe even weeks, to write, we encourage you to go back and see what you’ve jotted down. Is there a common theme you write about? Maybe you’re stressed about work one day, want a promotion the other, feel unhappy with your productivity the next. If there’s something you write about regularly, it’s obviously something that’s on your mind… often – a clear way to decide what your goal or intention should be based on. In this case, it would be work or feeling happy and satisfied with your current work situation.

Perhaps your intention isn’t all that clear though. See if there is a common theme in terms of emotion. Are you constantly writing about feeling incomplete or sad? Maybe you’re happy but lacking motivation. Reread those pages in your journal to discover what your inner thoughts are truly trying to tell you.

And if you still can’t find an intention on those pages, create one! Think about what you want from life; a goal, concept, or emotion. Remember, your mantra can be whatever you want.

Step Three: Choose Your Mantra
Now that you know what you want from your meditation, mala beads, and mantra, it’s time to pick one! The key is to pick the single, most powerful yet simple statement that sparks a sense of energy and excitement in you; something that makes you want to jump out of bed and tackle the world. When you find your mantra, you’ll know.

Here are some examples we’ve created off the top of our heads:

Mind my mind, mind my body, mind my business.
All progress is progress.
I will make the small steps count.
I will not let the opinion of others sway my perception of who I am.
I budget consciously to splurge when it counts.
I deserve it.

Creating your own mantra may take a couple of days, sometimes even weeks, but keep at these three steps until you find one that truly speaks to you on a level you’ve never experienced before. Remember, when you find your own mantra, you’ll know.

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