When choosing crystals, it is important to consider which stones will contribute to positive qualities and which stones will promote balance in areas that need more support.

Here are some examples:

Turquoise is a wonderful stone that supports the throat chakra and balances the third eye chakra, making it an essential stone.

Aquamarine's gentle and calming energy can help balance those emotions that have been brewing beneath the surface and allow them to be released so that healing can occur.

Topaz can help promote one's independence and determination. This stone resonates deeply with the solar plexus chakra and supports feelings of self-worth and personal strength.

Malachite helps to clear the heart chakras and release old wounds. This stone is both protective and transformative.

Sodalite's calm and focused energy can help keep those overwhelmingly emotionally stable. Sodalite's resonance with the throat and third eye chakra makes it an excellent choice for enhanced communication. The stone allows us to have a clear perspective, undisturbed and focused on self-expression.

Obsidian resonates deeply with the root chakra, helping us feel more grounded and stable. It allows us to find the truth in a situation by shining a light on the shadows.

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