As a yoga enthusiast, it's cool to have a special set of Malas, while choosing a string of Malas is a matter of choosing the type of stone. We have already introduced how to choose the right stone for ourselves. Today we will introduce how to select the right Bodhi.

You must have heard of Bodhi because Bodhi is very common in Mala ornaments. If you know what Bodhisattva is, then you must be very familiar with Rudraksha, because Rudraksha is the most common Bodhi.

So how to choose the right Bodhi for yourself?

If you want to have a good Bodhi, the selection is the first step, but also a very important step. It is the basis to decide whether your hanging bead is in good condition, so we must pay attention to it. Key points for selection:

1. Color difference: when selecting the beads with high or low density, the color difference of the whole beads should be small, and the color should be basically consistent. To pick the whole hanging beads, the density is basically the same. To avoid the beads color difference is too large, affecting the overall appearance of hanging beads. Of course, if you are a perfectionist and have strength, I suggest you choose at least one of three.

2. Color: color is a very important part of the evaluation. The first impression of Bodhiko beads often comes from the color effect. The beads with a glossy appearance, delicate texture, and harmonious color can give people a stronger visual aesthetic feeling.

3. Texture: pattern and texture are also important factors in the beauty of Bodhi beads. If the shape and size are the basic factors of the beauty of Bodhi beads, then the patterns are the high-level indicators to enhance the aesthetic feeling of Bodhi beads.

4. Density: about the same size, the more pressure on the hands of Bodhi, the density is high, the result is dense and hard.

5. Size: choose the Bodhisattva with the same size. The beads are harmonious and beautiful. There are protruding or shrinking beads for the size is not correct, there is a queue "relax" beads for drilling is not correct. The solution is to ask the seller to replace it.

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