Get Real Rest in Meditation

"Monday SYNDROME" is a common symptom of modern office workers, especially white-collar workers who sit in the office all day. When they go to work on Monday, they always have headaches, fatigue, and can't concentrate their attention. We can not help wondering, after two days of rest, office workers, but the more rested, the more tired? That's because what they call to rest on the weekend isn't really "rest." The rest of most office workers consists of sleeping in, watching entertainment programs, and hanging out with friends. However, these breaks seem to relax them, but in fact, they do not achieve the effect "real rest" should achieve.

The real rest is not only the rest of the body but also the relaxation of the mind and the rest of the soul. One of the most important ways to get real rest is to leave your mind blank. The so-called blank mainly refers to the worry, hatred, unease, and evil emotions completely eliminated. In fact, deliberately leaving the mind blank can be very effective in bringing peace of mind. When people will be depressed in the heart of the trouble, or throw it away, often can experience the pleasure of relief. The people who can pour out their troubles to their bosom friends are usually the ones who can grasp happiness. It is not enough to empty the mind; something must be added. Because the human mind can't remain empty and devoid of content forever, otherwise, the negative thoughts that you have discarded are more likely to creep back into your mind. We have to fill the void with creative, healthy thoughts at once. That way, those negative thoughts won't be able to affect you in any way. Over time, the new thoughts that have been reintroduced will grow in your mind and repel any negative thoughts, and your mind will always be at peace.

Meditation can let our mind blank, can rebuild our mind, and in meditation, we can get real rest. We might as well carve out 15 minutes of our 24 hours of personal silence. During this time, you might as well choose a quiet place, sit or lie or lie down, quietly enjoy personal meditation, neither talking to anyone nor reading nor writing anything, as much as possible to give up thinking, the mind into a state of emptiness. Sometimes your mind will be disturbed, but if you try hard, you can make your mind ripple like still water. The next thing to do is listen.

Most of the sounds heard during meditation are harmonious and beautiful. As Thomas Clare put it, "Silence is the building block of nature and greatness." But do not think that we will stay idle. Once the idle moment is over, our whole body will be refreshed and feel ready to face any challenge. The first moment of meditation is simply to allow the body to adjust its rhythm naturally, and once the vitality is restored, the spirit will be restored.

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