Get along with the real you, happiness will arise spontaneously

A speaker without an audience, a pianist who lost his hands, a ballet dancer who lost his legs, a singer who lost his hearing, a sharpshooter who lost his sight... What does this make you think of? Misery, pain, sorrow, anger, longing? Generally speaking, they can feel the common emotions about these! But why is this? Is it because of what they lost? And what have they lost?

If a speaker can achieve inner happiness without relying on his audience, is he in a bad mood because of the loss of his audience? In the same way, if a pianist does not rely on his hands, a ballet dancer does not rely on his legs, a singer does not rely on his ears, or a sharpshooter does not rely on his eyes, they can also gain inner happiness, they lose only the stimulus they rely on. When we recognize the relationship between stimulus and dependence, and truly an experience that such dependence only makes the mind stupid and dull, our mind can be freed from dependence, and only in this way can we see the whole truth and be free.

The real self is not dependent on any external stimulus to be able to obtain happiness, in our own expectations and requirements, the heart has produced the "real" and "should" of the heart. "As is" is what things are, and "as is" is what you expect and demand. As long as they come into being, they are bound to be divided and distinct, and there will be conflicts and contradictions. At this point, if we try to eliminate the existence of contradiction, we actually create a new contradiction and deepen the existing contradiction. But if we just observe all this without thinking or doing anything, we will find that there is no contradiction or conflict in the truth of life.

We like to contrast "as we are" with "as we should be,", especially in ourselves. Instead of accepting the "real me," we strive for the "supposed me," which is actually a self-projected standard. Any comparison creates a contradiction between the past and the present. Any comparison obscures who we are. Only by ceasing to compare can our nature be revealed; Only when we truly show our true nature can we achieve true happiness.

Whether it is ugliness, cruelty, fear, sadness, anxiety, or loneliness, if we can see it thoroughly, and live with it without distraction, we will reveal our true selves, and conflict and conflict will cease.

Any "should" is an expression of desire, which is itself a contradiction, whose existence tells us that we want what we do not have. This does not mean that we have to destroy the desire or suppress, control, or sublimate it, we only need to simply observe the nature of desire, rather than the object of desire, we must first understand the nature of desire, in order to understand the conflict and contradiction. It is because of this desire to chase pleasure and escape the pain that our hearts are constantly trapped in contradictions.

There are too many "shoulds" in our minds, creating too many situations that are contrary to the facts. When we learn how to live with our true selves, the "shoulds" disappear. In this way, our inner happiness will be with us all the time.

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