Get 6 funny reactions when you wear Mala beads

If you don't believe in Mala Beads' spiritual powers, put them in your closet and you will. There's something magical about these Bohemian meditative Mala Beads that makes everyone turn their heads as you strut past. They emit a certain amount of energy that attracts the people around you. So if you're unsure about the power of meditation with Mala Beads, put some on. It's the perfect way to see the powerful benefits of the often invisible Mala Beads.

Yogis unite
Any time you meet someone who practices yoga or meditation, you'll get this look. You know, that look you get from someone immediately tells you that you're on the same level. Wearing Mala Beads is like seeing someone wearing a T-shirt from your favorite band and giving them something that looks like, "Hey, you're great." I love that band, too, "open only to yoga enthusiasts.

Girl or hey boy
Of course, if your energy is generated by the opposite sex, you'll get some attention, too. There are even Mala Beads designed to bring unconditional love and attract new relationships. So, if you're single and overly gregarious, wear a "Czar Mala bracelet" and "Mala Necklace" to see its true potential.

There's always that one person who feels the need to touch whatever they like. It could be someone's hair, someone's shoes, someone's purse -- or your Mala Beads -- and whoever that person is, they all need to touch your Beads to compliment your fashion. The only problem is, traditional Mala Beads practice says that no one should touch your Mala Beads because it will transfer their energy.

Peace sign
You might even run into some hippies or hippies who are totally absorbed in your empathy. So when you strut down the sidewalk in a Mala, you're likely to see the classic '70s "peace sign." Love not to war, man.

Look in the eyes
Then, some people see something they like and feel the need to stare as if staring will tell them where your Mala Beads come from. So if people start staring at your Beads, don't be afraid. They appreciate your style and want to know where your accessories come from. So let them know, "Mala prays!"

Some people will never understand the power of meditation and spiritual energy. You can try to teach them with all your might, but they still won't understand. So when you explain that your Mala Beads are rebellious negative energy, people will even look at you with bewilderment. Not everyone understands, and that's unfortunate for them.

Pick up some new Mala Beads and see how your friends, family, and strangers react! Who knows; Your next set of Mala Beads could send you into the arms of potential love or promotion!

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