1. First of all, we should pay attention not to collide with hard objects or fall, when not in use, they should be stored in soft jewelry boxes. Try to avoid contact with perfume, chemical solution, soap or human sweat to prevent erosion and affect the brilliance of agate.

2. Secondly, attention should be paid to avoid heat sources, such as sunlight, stoves, etc., because agate will expand when exposed to heat, the molecular gap will increase, which will affect the quality of jade, and continuous contact with high temperature will cause agate to burst.

3. Agate usually placed away from the sun, often wipe to keep clean, if possible, occasionally with pure water bubble can add moisture, keep humidity agate will be more beautiful.

4. When the agate is stored in a dark environment, it will lose its original ecological value, especially if the water is not stored in the dark environment, especially when it is stored in the dark environment.

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